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#1 Le 28/05/2011, à 14:18


help me how enable Remote Desktop by SSH comond to use UltraVNC Viewe

hello i am new in ubuntu to day i buy a detected server and the company give me just a SSH Information
and i dont like control my server by ssh  i want  use UltraVNC to see the full screen and easy control
i use serch i find this … buntu.html
i login and i type my user and passord
and i type this to try enable Remote Desktop
"gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/remote_access/prompt_enabled false"

and i exit from my ssh and i open the  UltraVNC and i type the ip and i wati  but icant conect
so i think i need forward the port 5900 or what ?
if the anser is yes  help me how forward the port 5900 with ssh comand
I am stuck here...

help me  stpe by step
and sorry for my bad english

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#2 Le 28/05/2011, à 14:34

Hurricane Spoky

Re : help me how enable Remote Desktop by SSH comond to use UltraVNC Viewe

Hello Ubuntueros,

I'm sorry, but here, you're on french ubuntu's forums, but, if you need help, go on this web site : This forum is in English.

See you later on the other site, maybe !

P.S.: Sorry, if it's my english is so bad...

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